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The necessary trust of our professional relationships require transparency of everyone’s commitments.


Right from the first consultation, we commit ourselves to clearly estimate of fees.
This evaluation at the opening of each case is faithful to ethic rules of our profession.

The first consultation implies a perception of a fee which will be deducted from the coming fee under the initiated procedure or from the entrusted mission of negotiation.

According to the complexity of the case, fees can be subject of a prior fees agreement negotiated and based on our hourly rate, to which other stakeholders’ costs can be added (such as bailiffs, experts, notaries, applicants) and business trips.

The hourly rate can be modulated if necessary and coupled with a fee on result freely and previously fixed with the client.

These fees will cover all due diligence taken during the negotiations and procedures, such as:
– Appointments and telephone interviews
– Examination of the file with regard to exhibits, texts and applicable case law
– Development of parts communication
– Writing of draft letters
– Advice and assistance
– Writing and writing development
– Conciliation hearings, pre-trial, pleadings and tie-breaking if necessary

They will not cover disbursements, costs, or expenses that must be paid directly by the client, either directly to the intervener who billed them, or to the firm when it has made the advance.

These fees and disbursements include:
– Bailiff’s fees
– Enlistment fees
– Postulation costs
– Advocacy rights
– …

The invoices of fees and fees will be established as and when the diligences accomplished.
Subscription packages can be set up for assistance, advice and regular litigation.

Finally, so that the fee is not an insurmountable obstacle, we strive to offer the best terms of payment depending on the personal situation of each, seeking the assistance of your insurance companies to implement the legal protection clauses that you can benefit from.


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